Healthy Cooking: The TCM Way!

[WORKSHOP] Revitalise your body by incorporating Chinese herbs into your everyday cooking🌿

Our schedules can be hectic at times and we’re often trapped in an endless loop of fatigue. No matter how many breaks we have in between, our body never seems to recover fully. 🤒 But no worries, let’s take the first step in nourishing our body with infusing Chinese herbs into our meals!

Join us at this upcoming workshop where our TCM Physician, Sim will be introducing you TCM recipes that can be easily made at home & are beginner-friendly. This workshop will consist of recipes for 1 starter, 1 main course & 1 dessert! As CNY is just around the corner, she’ll also be sharing the tips and tricks to help us stay healthy and strong throughout the festive season.💪🏻🧧

*Note: This workshop has both Chinese and English sessions at different dates.

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