5 ways to add an extra dose of consciousness in your life

We’ve pretty much covered the concept of conscious living in the previous blog post. (Check it out if you haven’t) And now it’s time to put it into practice! Here’s the 5 ways how you can start living a little more consciously:

1. Be wary of how you spend your time

Time is unstoppable, there’s no way to rewind or hit the pause button, it just keeps going. That makes time precious, and it’s better to fill it up with something that would enrich our body & mind and bring us closer to where we want to be. Create a time log and record what you’ve done throughout the day, then reflect on whether it’s spent for the right purpose or it’s just merely passing time without intention. Be mindful that what we do now will shape our future, spend your time wisely. 

2. Practice gratitude

When one feels grateful for what they have, they tend to feel happier and more fulfilled. The practice of gratitude shifts them from a never-have-enough loop to a more abundance mindset, focusing on the brighter side of things. Start paying attention to what made your day. It could be small things like talking to an old friend that you lost touch with, to enjoying a good cup of coffee in the morning. Write them down or snap a picture, so you could keep those moments with you. 

3. Spend your money wisely

Have you ever feel that you’ve spent a lot of money, but you have no idea how or where did you spend it? That happens when we spend money without giving much thought, and just let it flow. (Sounds familiar huh?) First thing first, identify the purpose of spending that money. Make sure it’s because you really need it, not because of the free shipping deals or you trying to keep up with the trend. Record your spending in a finance journal or app to get an overview of your cash flow, highlight the unnecessary spending and see how you could do differently in the upcoming month. 

4. Reflect regularly

Spend 5-10 minutes to sum up your day, write down all the important details. Think of what makes you happy/upset, what works and what doesn’t, your emotions, the decisions you’ve made, how you can do better, and the list goes on. Considering all these aspects in your life could help you to be more aware of yourself and improve your decision-making process in the future.

5. Accept yourself

We’ve been taught to accept others for who they are all these while, but we rarely do the same for ourselves. It’s not easy but we can learn how to be kind to ourselves, accept our imperfections, flaws, and the bad decision we once made. The imperfections are what made us unique and made us US. Once we’ve accepted ourselves, we’ll be able to make decisions that are best for us, without conforming to society’s standards and expectations from others.