Yoga for Back Pain Relief with Sound Bath

If you’re looking for solutions to relieve that back pain you’ve had for awhile, join this workshop with us! Come and save your spot for our Community Class: Yoga for Back Pain Relief with Sound Bath.🧘🏻‍♀️

Highlights of the workshop:

🌱Instant relief from lower back pain

🌱Simple yoga postures to relieve back muscles

🌱Explore mindful breathing 

🌱Experience deep rest with healing sounds

Led by certified Yoga teacher, Sound Healer and Co. Founder of Metta Studio, Grace will guide us through various postures that will help with easing that back pain accumulated from long hours of sitting in front of a laptop. Grace will also be introducing participants to a practice which uses sound healing vibrations from sound instruments like Himalayan singing bowls and chimes to relax the mind and body!

To fully enjoy the workshop, here a list of things to bring: 

• Yoga mat

• 1 yoga block (replaceable with firm pillow/bolster)

• 1 tennis or lacrosse ball 

• Earphones for sound bath segment

Feel all your stress and pent-up energy melt away when you join us, so come and reserve your spot now: