Pain-free periods? It’s possible with TCM!

Hey ladies, ever wondered if you could enjoy your time of the month pain-free? 👀

Ladies, we all may call our periods by different names but the cramps we suffer is a universal experience. Whether you become practically bedridden or need to pop a painkiller during the time of the month, it’s clear that we all are looking for a solution to pass the week better. 😵

This weekend, let’s understand our menstrual cycle more together with Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician Neoh – Founder and Physician of Golden TCM Hall & TCM practitioner with 7 years experience, she is also an expert in Acupuncture, Fertility, Menstrual regulation, Pain Management & Internal Medicine. With Traditional Chinese Medicine, you can now try new remedies to help ease your period pains! 💪🏻

Here’s what will be shared during our workshop:

❤️What does your menstrual period say about your body type?

❤️Dietary habit to maintain healthy menstrual cycle.

❤️Acupuncture points for good menstrual health.

Even if you’re not a lady, everyone is welcome to join and learn more the menstrual cycles and how it affects the female body together with us! 😍

*This workshop will be conducted in Chinese. 

Reserve your spot with the link below: